Full-Contour iZir® Bridge

The full-contour iZir® Bridge is available as a traditional implant retained prosthesis or with an Angulated Screw Channel option. The traditional iZir® is available for 3 unit bridges up to full round houses. Our ASC option is indicated for up to a 5 unit bridge and eliminates the risk of wet cement left below the margin while retrievability is greatly improved. The all-on-four to six restoration utilizes as little abutments as possible to achieve a stable implant-retained solution. The full-contour bridge from iZir® is fabricated out of an incredibly strong zirconia ceramic which has a flexural strength of 1,100 MPa. It utilizes precision titanium implant components. The esthetics of iZir® are also evident as it is multi-shaded and is resistant to chipping.

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iZir ASC Bridge